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How pornography affects family happiness

All in all, the influence of pornography on families cannot be overstated. One philosopher has called porno “the silent killer of the family”. Porn has become something of a wildfire. Most young men and women watch it. Despite that, it’s not a topic that many will willingly talk about. Porno exists in a kind of a parallel universe, in the shadows of the internet.


Why do we turn to porn

The thing is, porn is easy, safe, impersonal. It is that quick release of intimacy that one can get wherever they are. There is no threat of getting hurt, there are no feelings, no obligations, no strains that a relationship brings to the table. It has become a power that allows young men and women to dismiss real relationships due to the fact that it bears none of the difficulties that a relationship does have. And it seems that society doesn’t mind. After all, there is so much porn because there’s a demand for it.

What’s the problem

Now you might be thinking, where is this going. Porn isn’t a problem. Everyone’s watching. But actually, researchers recently have found that the constant consumption of pornographic material can lead to unstable relationships, a higher chance of a partner considering cheating and that porno actually contributes to divorces.
Now with that in mind, it must be understood that pornography is extremely common. It’s very easy to access and often, advertisers will even have hidden links leading straight to porn websites which you weren’t even meant to go to. Even mainstream TV shows often contain some sort of pornographic imagery. In average, the age at which a person first encounters porno is roughly 11 years old. And studies suggest that this number is going down to 8. So children are exposed to pornography at a very young age.

Some statistics:

  • Up to 12% of all websites out there are pornographic.
  • Almost a third of all porn viewers are female.
  • Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix combined cannot beat the traffic that porn sites attract.
  • Porn has a negative effect on the health of relationships. It has increased the chance of infidelity up to 300%, which is staggering.
  • In summary: porn is running rampant in our society. If you want to get it, you could get it anytime, anywhere. And it is certainly not making families any stronger. Although modern couples are more likely to be accepting of porn in their lives, even watching this material together, it can still be very damaging.
  • The fact is, pornographic images can diminish the value of a person’s beauty, value, and importance in the mind of a person who watches a lot of porn. The very unreal, edited images of the “perfect people” engaging in some very unrealistic activities makes you desire that. And that can lead one to the conclusion that the reason for the absence of such action in one’s life is due to their partner not being up to par.

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